What Is Zenit?

Discover Zenit, where crypto copy trading meets cutting-edge technology. Learn more about Zenit's unique approach to financial empowerment.

What Is Zenit?

Zenit is a revolutionary crypto platform that offers a wide range of trading services and strategies, including swapping, copy trading, staking, fiat wallet and a tier systems.

Our mission is to broaden the horizons and maximize the possibilities of the cryptocurrency economy, promoting deeper recognition of its capabilities. At Zenit, we're committed to upholding the highest standards of openness, impartiality, and responsibility in all of our operations.

Product Suite

Follow the trading strategies of professional and institutional traders, automatically copying their trades. This feature is designed to help users learn from experienced traders and improve their own trading strategies, while also reducing the time and effort required to trade effectively.

Quickly and easily swap one cryptocurrency for another, with low fees and no need for multiple exchanges or complicated trading procedures. This feature is designed to simplify the trading process and make it more accessible for users, while also reducing costs and improving efficiency.

Reward users with benefits and fee discounts as they move up the tiers, based on their sZEN (staked ZEN utility token). This feature is designed to incentivize users to trade more frequently and engage with our platform, while also providing tangible rewards and benefits for their efforts.

The Fiat Wallet is a seamless solution for depositing and withdrawing funds in traditional currencies, such as US Dollars and Euros, with ease. Zenit's integration of the Fiat Wallet with the Crypto Wallet allows for direct conversion of fiat currency into USDT, eliminating the need for external exchanges and streamlining the trading process. Additionally, the Fiat Wallet includes tracking and reporting functions and adheres to regulatory requirements and industry-leading security protocols.

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