ZEN and sZEN

Discover Zenit World's own tokens, ZEN, a core product offering designed to empower users with advanced cryptocurrency solutions.

ZEN and sZEN


The ZEN Token, the native asset of Zenit World that powers our platform and provides exclusive benefits to our users. As a deflationary asset, ZEN offers a unique and valuable opportunity for traders to participate in the cryptocurrency economy. By holding ZEN, users gain access to all of the services and benefits provided by Zenit World, including swapping, copy trading, staking, and community fees retribution. With a total supply of 153,000,000 tokens, the distribution of ZEN tokens is carefully determined to ensure its uniqueness and value. Join us on this exciting journey and experience the full potential of ZEN Token with Zenit World.


sZEN is a non-transferable token that can be obtained by ZEN holders who stake their tokens for a designated lockup period. The amount of sZEN received is proportional to the lockup period, and determines one's share of staking rewards and account tier. Staking rewards are redistributed on a monthly basis, with a percentage coming from the Zenit Platform Fee and the Incentive Program. sZEN provides exclusive benefits and lower fees, making it a valuable asset for traders on the Zenit platform.

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